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After the diagnostic phase has been completed, the therapy phase will start. During this, I will make use of different treatment methods, specifically adjusted to your proper problems. Amongst others, I will use psychological education, methods of relaxation and mindfulness, cognitive therapy methods, behavioural therapy methods, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), sexes specific methods, EFT (Emotional Focussed Therapy) and motivational conversation techniques.

When your too far away to come to my practice personally and your problems allow it, we can do the therapy via skype, telephone or email (online therapy).

Depending upon your problems the normal rate for therapy starts at one session a week. In between I will give you orders to do homework for yourself. This can constitute of registrations of mood swings, exercising new behaviour and keep a record of it in a cahier, reading articles, listening to tapes of treatment sessions or relaxation exercises. This again is depending upon the problems you have and the therapy we have chosen together.

Because we want to know whether the therapy works, and whether there is any progression in it, the therapy will be evaluated on a regular basis. During the evaluation we check whether we are still on the right track, whether the problems are easing up a bit, and whether youíre still okay with my approach. We will do so according to the treatment contract we made right after the diagnostic phase. And if necessary we will adjust the contract.

Of course I cannot make a quote about how long therapy will last, but at the end of the diagnostic phase I might tell you that, by approximation. From my experience I can tell that most therapies will last about 12 to 15 sessions, with some exceptions of course.

At the end of this section I would like to remark here and now that therapy is a dynamic process, that means that most clients will not feel better at the very first start of therapy, on the contrary, they often feel like therapy doesnít work. The complicating part is that often relatives do see change and improval.

I think you can compare therapy with clearing out your attic; at first there will be more chaos, more stuff all over the place and you donít know where to start cleaning up. But sooner or later there will be progress, and you see in which direction you need to go. And at the end you can easily walk around the attic again.

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