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You can contact me through telephone of email. That first conversation is the start of the diagnostic phase. We than can make an appointment for a proper diagnostic conversation.

In the diagnostic phase there will be a thorough examination of the psychological problem(s), and what in the background that might be accounted for in the nowadays problem(s). For that reason I make use of a diagnostic questionnaire, and, if necessary, some tools that might be specifically applied to your problem(s).

In the diagnostic session you have the opportunity to ask me all the questions you have regarding me and my therapy, so you can get an idea whether you could me sufficiently at ease to go onto the therapy process with me. Occasionally it might be necessary to make an extra diagnostic appointment.

When the diagnostic session has terminated I will make a therapy plan. In the next (informational) session we will discuss my findings about the diagnosis and my therapy proposal. The rate and frequency will also be discussed. The result of which will be mentioned in a therapy contract. And if everything is clear, and agreed upon, the actual therapy can start.

The whole diagnostic phase will take about 3 weeks. And will cost, up until the start of the actual therapy, 50 euros. When there is a family of couples problem the cost will be 75 euros (and includes more diagnostic sessions, both in couple and individually) and take a week extra, most of the time.

When in crisis
Sometimes it is possible, that even before the diagnostic phase have taken place, there is a psychological crisis going on. In that case there is no time for a thorough diagnostic phase, but the acute start of therapy is necessary. This phase isn’t for free either and will cost the same as my normal rate, so 50 euros per session (more about that you can read in the “costs” section). As said, we start directly with crisis interventions therapy. And I will provide a crisis therapy contract, with all specifics for that moment. When we can talk about it, we will make the contract together, if not I will make a crisis plan. And when the crisis has calmed down, we will start the diagnostic phase all over again.
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