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E s t h e r   d e   G r o o t   -   E n g l i s h   s p e a k i n g   P s y c h o l o g i s t   i n   F r a n c e

8, Rue Porte du Mas - 47170 Sos - - esther.de-groot@orange.fr

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You can contact me through telephone of email. That first conversation is the start of the diagnostic phase. We than can make an appointment for a proper diagnostic conversation.

In the diagnostic phase...
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After the diagnostic phase has been completed, the therapy phase will start. During this, I will make use of different treatment methods, specifically adjusted to your proper problems.

Amongst others...

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When your still insured by your English insurance company, you might ask them whether the cost will be reembursed by them. Not all insurances will.

In France...
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My name is Esther de Groot. I graduated in 1991 as health psychologist at the (Dutch) University of Tilbury.

Since that time I have gained more than 25 years of
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