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In general
When your still insured by your English insurance company, you might ask them whether the cost will be reembursed by them. Not all insurances will.

In France the psychological services within the public health care system (hospitals, ambulatorium, health care centers) will in general be reembursed by the ‘Sécurité sociale’. But when you go to a private practice it won’t be reembursed at all, not by the secu sociale, nor by most mutuelles. So you have to pay the price the psychologist charges you. That is one reason why the prices are not very high, somewhere between 40 and 75 euros per session, mosty depending upon their experience and specialisation.

My hourly rate
I put my hourly rate at 50 euros for an individual session. Sessions with couples cost 75 euros per session. And for a strictly online consultation I charge 25 euros (that means email from you and reply from me), partly also depending upon reading time. A session contains 50 minutes of direct contact and 10 minutes of preparation/closure time. When the session takes more direct time, it will be charged accordingly. Same counts for in between (crisis) sessions, with a contact time longer than 15 minutes.

The diagnostic phase will be charged at 50 euros. That phase contains at least one intake session (and sometimes more) and one information session. That phase will end when the treatment contract is signed and the treatment can start. Or when either one of us decides that there won’t be a contract at all, for what ever reason. When there is a acute crisis however, the treatment will start immediately. In that perticular case a temporary treatment contract will be made. When the crisis is passed, we go back to the normal diagnostic phase. The invoice will be made and send to you at the end of the month, unless we agree otherwise. The invoices for the couples therapy will idealiter be made after each session. And if you prefer, you can pay after each session as well, of once every month.

Company policy
Sometimes when your psychological problems are linked to you work, you could ask your (French) employer to reemburse the costs. When the company doctor ordered psychotherapy, the change that it will be reembursed that way is bigger. So it might be an idea to consult your company doctor about it.

War trauma
Sometimes there are special reembursement possibilities when you have psychological war traumas. In The Netherlands there are laws for it. Whether there are English or French funds for it, I don’t know.
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