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My name is Esther de Groot. I graduated in 1991 as health psychologist at the (Dutch) University of Tilbury. Since that time I have gained more than 25 years of experience in the field of therapy, with a lot of disorders, treatment methods and specialisms in Dutch institutions. Besides that, I have specialised myself in the behavioural therapy and the cognitive behavioural therapy

In 2008 we moved to France, where I started in 2009 a private psychology practice on the frontier of Le Gers, Les Landes and the Lot-et-Garonne. With an intermezzo of 8 months in which we were working in the Alpes des Hautes Provence, but since March 2016 I’m back in the region where I started. In my practice, up until now I have concentrated my work onto meanly Dutch fellow expats who have trouble expressing themselves in French and therefor want psychological help in their mother tongue. And now I’m expanding to the English fellow men (and women) who need help in this field. My English has been sufficiently developed, as is with most Dutch people, to help you out as well. And because of the nowadays sophisticated means of communication we have ample possibilities to help you everywhere across France, and across French borders onto the UK. With skype and telephone communication, I can help (and have already helped) clients throughout France (and also abroad).

Up until our emigration to France I worked in a health care centre in Holland, near Amsterdam. Because it was a huge facility, I worked at the ambulatory, at the day care centre, at the emergency 24- hours centre, and at therapy facilities throughout that centre. Therefor I have a lot of experience with individual therapy, partner- and family-therapy and group therapy of various kinds.

I am a member of the Dutch Institution for Psychologists (NIP), interested member of the Dutch society of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (VGCT). And in France I am registered at the DRASS (Dirèction Régionale des Affaires Santaires et Sociales), my Numéro Adeli is 479300915.
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